Jola Fallach
This is my first assessment for the course: Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade (Fundamental English Writing) on Coursera. There are a few short sentences, and our work is to add all eight parts of speech to make these short sentences much better and longer, with at least 12 words each sentence. 
I have chosen these two: 

The children play.
The computer hums.

And this is my work, hmmm, I wrote too much, probably because I like playing with words:  

Since our neighbors' four noisy children were vigorously playing 'hide-and-seek' in their huge back garden, we were forced both to shut all the windows and to resort to the front room, where, alas, we spent the whole miserable afternoon watching some soap opera on the telly.

My old, home computer, whom I call 'Betsy', is my best friend ever, and that is why it hums happily every single time I switch it on to write another ridiculous story about the rapidly developing computer technology.
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