Jola Fallach
English is a very rich language in the sense that one word has many synonyms, but, in fact, every word might have slightly different meaning; therefore, it is important to know the difference and the tone of words we use. This is an exercise on the words: relaxed, laid-back, lackadaisical, lazy and easy-going.

Relaxed - positive
laid-back - informal, positive
lackadaisical - formal, slightly negative
lazy, can be disapproving and approving.
easy-going - positive

Seated in a huge fluffy armchair, next to the joyfully gleaming fireplace - with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other - uncle Peter looked as relaxed as never; his favourite opera, Carmen, in the background. 

Karen, with her laid-back attitude, did not care much about other people's opinions: she really did what she liked and nothing more. 

After the luncheon in a new restaurant in the downtown, my parents - as tradition went in the family - discussed the menu, the decor, and the decorum; they mutually agreed that apart from a somewhat lackadaisical waiting girl, the new place served very good and wide range of food. 

Look at the mess in your room! You were supposed to clean it three hours ago! Oh, God, why have you punished me with such lazy kids?

She looked dreamily, and I knew why: she was again at the beach, recalling that lazy Sunday that she had spent with her friends and family: swimming, sunbathing and laughing happily.

Hair tangled, baggy pants and bare chest, he danced from table to table, serving drinks and sending smiles, the most easy-going waitress of the Caribbean. 

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