Jola Fallach
This is an exercise given by teachers of mastering writing. It asked us to depict a place with adjective and adverb clauses.
I have to admit that I have found it difficult to think and write in terms of clauses. Probably I am better in constructing phrases. Legend: bold are what I think are adjectival clauses and red bold - adverbial ones.

East London, where I live, offers not only advantages of a modern metropolis but also of the countryside with its quiet places for relaxing. Epping Forest, which stretches from Leytonstone, Wanstead to Epping, is the largest open space in London and the remains of the ancient woodlands, nowadays managed by the City of London Corporation.

In many places, it rather resembles a park, whose well-maintained paths and lakes attract Londoners during the weekends and lovers of walking the whole year round. I especially like this place on the working days, when most people are too occupied to find time to escape the city for the nature.

Because the ancient woodland tends to be sodden most of the winter, I have bought wellingtons and may enjoy the Forest throughout the whole year. The better weather, the more people relax in its every corner, but yet there are places where one may find an isolation among the trees and wildlife. There is something magical in the forest because  - after reaching the boundary between the city and the nature - it does not take much time to forget the overwhelming racket of the city life.
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