Jola Fallach
London is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere due to its historical places and international workforce. Melting pot of cultures and languages, London has many faces, depending on the locale and time. A vibrant and exotic place, which teems with tourists, London never sleeps or gives much time to rest.

The occupied and energetic City, proud of many a man and woman, who work hard the entire day to build its power, radiates wisdom and money. After the black army disappears, swallowed by the countless bowels of the Underground, the City silently strode throughout the empty streets, half surprised and half scared of this sudden emptiness.

Feeling somehow alone, the City welcomes travelers of the weekends, amazed by their laziness, childish enthusiasm, and eagerness to take pictures of its beauty. But there is a sense of the absence, a sense of the loss of those, to whom the streets really belong. The City is trapped in a museum, waiting impatiently for another Monday.

This is a kind of an exercise to learn how to use all types of the English phrases in writing. Mastering clauses and phrases, before mastering different type of sentences.
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