Jola Fallach

Nathaniel? Nat? Is that you, my love?

Yes, it's me, Mum. Your Nathaniel.

Nathaniel! My child, come to me, I missed you so much.  May I come and hug you, my darling? Who is with you?

No, mother, you know that you can't. If you try, we will be carried away. There are the other children that you sent to me to play with. We have tried, but we are not very happy.

Please tell me why you are not happy; I will do everything to help you, my son.

We thought that in my old nursery room we may play, but it is dark and cold in here. Can't you feel it?

A child starts crying.

Why is he crying?

He is missing his Mum. He loves her so much. Do you know where she is? He does not to like to play all the time, he wants his Mum to sing him lullabies. And he misses his little brother, his name is Nathaniel, too. Mummy, can you take him to his mother, please?

Other children's voices:
And me, me too, please, I want to my Mum, take me to my Mum...please, please, please ... my Mum

One of the children:
And me, Miss; take me to Crythin Gifford, please, this is a small town where my parents live. I miss my family and school and friends and the marshes. You see, we often play there - my Mum does not like it - but we sneak there on a lovely sunny day in summer to watch birds that swoop to the ground, where they have their nests. Have you seen a baby bird? Or a baby fox? Foxes are clever; the parents of baby birds have to be very careful, one moment and their baby can be taken by foxes. Particularly when the mist comes; oh, the fret is very dangerous, and high tide, too, you cannot get back home, you are trapped at Eel Marsh House because the Nine Lives Causeway is completely submerged. Have you ever been there, Miss? Miss?

Jennet cries and throws herself on the floor. The children vanish quietly.
The sound of the pony trap increases: clip-clop ...

Jennet shouts in madness:
Nathaniel, do not die this night, please, at least not tonight...

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